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May 5, 2011

Tempe [Revisit]

In years to come, when you have far surpassed your golden days, say, over 90, and feeling all the 'symptoms' an any 90+ year-old would feel... What would you do? In general, I'm talking about symptoms like fatigue, memory loss, feeling inactive, decreased judgement, misplacing things, disoriented from time to time, difficulty performing familiar tasks or even having problems with speech...

If one day, you have truly come to this - What can you do? Or shall I rephrase: What is left to do?

At then, who do you live for? Yourself? For others? What would you think about? You wouldn't think about what movies are opening this weekend, the latest trend in fashion, or how your stocks are performing this week... Oh right, the grand children... but they'll have all grown up by then. The great grand kids? That is if you're lucky, and if so, would you remember their names? Most likely, maybe you would think about - Life, in retrospect [that's whatever you can remember, you think you remember, or whatever you can conjure up], and Death [the one true friend that'll wait for you 'til the very end of time]!

What was the meaning of life again??? Ah yes, that's it! But will I even remember?

Thinking back, sitting still, looking forward... The above was posted back on December 8th, 2003. Please pardon the grammatical errors and such. Maybe I just have a different way of using words. Not sure.

Tempe: Something to think about... at least for now.

May 12, 2011

Understanding Time [Revisit]

As we cross the threshold into the millennium, more and more people have begun to ponder the question of time. According to reports, the United States has spent millions of dollars to build an eternal clock. It will only strike once every century, to remind people to slow down their steps and to reflect upon their shortcomings. To understand and successfully utilize time has indeed become a worthwhile issue for modern people.

Many people often complain how time flies, while others complain about how time crawls. Some spend their time in search of fame and fortune instead of spending time with their loved ones, while others waste their time on trivial matters instead of using time to better themselves. If students are unwilling to spend time in the classroom, how can they acquire knowledge and broaden their horizons? If farmers are unwilling to spend time plowing their land, how can they reap a full harvest? It is clear that the way time is perceived is dependent upon how time is used.

Once upon a time, someone asked a Chan master to teach him how to manage time. The Chan master replied, "When time passes, it never returns; every second is thus precious." Hence, whoever can use time wisely has control of his or her life. It does not matter how old you are; what is important is how you manage your time.

"For a person who is exhausted, the road is long; for a person who cannot sleep, the night is endless; for a person who does not understand the truth, the reality of birth and death is far-reaching." We must understand that the past will never return, the present is gone in a blink of an eye, and the future is fast approaching and will become the past in a moment. An eminent master once said, "A day’s time is more precious than the treasure of the universe."

As long as we can understand the fleeting essence of time and learn how to use it wisely, we can break the boundaries of time and transcend the limits of temporal space. As long as we can learn to treasure every second of our lives and seize every moment, we will be able to realize and experience the truth in the saying, "a moment is eternity." In this way, precious time is not limited to the tolling of an eternal clock.

Text: Venerable Master Hsing Yun

From May 29th, 2007.

How did you spend your time today?

May 18, 2011

The Riddle [Revisit]

Who dares it - has no courage
To whom it is missing - feels well
Who owns it - is bitterly poor
Who is successful - is damaged
Who gives it - is as hard as stone
Who loves it - stays alone

Originally posted January 7th, 2004.

A friend of mine solved the riddle, and now, it's not as intriguing as it was when I had not known the answer. I like the mystery. It keeps me grounded and it feels comforting.

Oftentimes, not-knowing is an integral part of the grand equation.

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