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Tempe [Revisit]

In years to come, when you have far surpassed your golden days, say, over 90, and feeling all the 'symptoms' an any 90+ year-old would feel... What would you do? In general, I'm talking about symptoms like fatigue, memory loss, feeling inactive, decreased judgement, misplacing things, disoriented from time to time, difficulty performing familiar tasks or even having problems with speech...

If one day, you have truly come to this - What can you do? Or shall I rephrase: What is left to do?

At then, who do you live for? Yourself? For others? What would you think about? You wouldn't think about what movies are opening this weekend, the latest trend in fashion, or how your stocks are performing this week... Oh right, the grand children... but they'll have all grown up by then. The great grand kids? That is if you're lucky, and if so, would you remember their names? Most likely, maybe you would think about - Life, in retrospect [that's whatever you can remember, you think you remember, or whatever you can conjure up], and Death [the one true friend that'll wait for you 'til the very end of time]!

What was the meaning of life again??? Ah yes, that's it! But will I even remember?

Thinking back, sitting still, looking forward... The above was posted back on December 8th, 2003. Please pardon the grammatical errors and such. Maybe I just have a different way of using words. Not sure.

Tempe: Something to think about... at least for now.


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